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Dog Wash

No more mess.

Washing your dog in a bathtub or shower can be difficult. Getting him or her to stand still while you lather, brush and dry is a pain (and not to mention messy). The worst part? Cleaning up afterward. 😤 No worries, though. We've made it easy for you to be able to wash your dog without the mess.

DIY Dog Wash


We're open 6 days out of the week. You can book online or purchase a membership for huge discounts on washes and products from our store.

Easy to use

All you need is your dog. Our friendly staff can help you navigate the space and tools to make sure you and your pet are comfortable.

Everything included

We provide shampoo, conditioner, towels, grooming brushes/combs, blow dryer, and apron to keep you dry!

Stay in the loop

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