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Dog Walking

Pet Care in Waco

Everything you need to take care of your pets.

Community Resorces

Community Resources

User-submitted community resources for the Paw Community in Waco. Use the tags below to filter resources by type:

Sitting Pretty

(254) 339-1295

Dog Grooming, Dog Boarding

K9's Behind

(254) 265-0900

Pet Sanitation

Helping Hands (Kimberly Zapata)

(254) 744-8222

Pet Sitting

Paw Community

(254) 987-1525

Dog Grooming, Dog Washing, Doggy Daycare

A Comprehensive Guide for Dog and Pet Owners

Welcome to Paw Community's comprehensive guide to pet care in Waco. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand the joys and responsibilities that come with being a pet owner. Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or a newcomer to the world of furry companions, this guide is designed to be your go-to resource for providing the best care for your pets. From health and nutrition to grooming, training, and safety, we've curated a wealth of information to help you navigate the rewarding journey of pet ownership. Let's embark on this adventure together, ensuring the well-being and happiness of your four-legged friends. This article will teach you the following:

  • Enhanced Pet Well-being: Noticeably healthier, more energetic, and vibrant pets.

  • Stronger Bond: A deeper, more trusting relationship between pets and their owners.

  • Fewer Health Issues: Reduced veterinary visits due to preventable health problems.

  • Positive Behavior: Decrease in behavioral issues and increased obedience.

  • Longevity: Potential for a longer, quality life for your pet.

The Fundamentals of Dog and Pet Care

Discover the essentials of pet care to ensure the well-being, happiness, and longevity of your furry, feathered, or scaled companion. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or welcoming a new pet into your home, understanding these fundamental care principles can make a world of difference. Dive into topics such as nutrition, routine health checks, socialization, exercise needs, and more. A well-cared-for pet not only leads a fulfilled life but also builds a deeper bond with its owner.

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Dog and Cat Care Services in Waco

Explore the diverse array of specialized dog care services available in Waco, tailored to meet the unique needs of your canine companion. Whether your dog requires meticulous grooming, an energetic play session, or simply a refreshing wash, Waco's service providers ensure top-tier care. Dive into detailed insights about local dog washing stations, doggy day care centers, grooming salons, and more. Understand what each service entails and find the perfect match for your pet's requirements. In Waco, your dog's well-being and happiness are always a top priority.


Dog Grooming

Beyond just a wash, Waco's dog grooming services offer comprehensive care that includes trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and more. Ensure your canine companion looks sharp and stays healthy with regular grooming sessions that cater to all breeds and sizes.

Enjoying the Wash

Dog Washing

Beyond just a wash, Waco's dog grooming services offer comprehensive care that includes trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and more. Ensure your canine companion looks sharp and stays healthy with regular grooming sessions that cater to all breeds and sizes.


Doggy Day Care

Waco boasts a variety of doggy day care centers where your pup can play, socialize, and burn off energy in a safe, supervised environment. Whether you need daily care while at work or occasional assistance, these centers offer enrichment, training, and social interactions that contribute to a well-rounded pet.

Dog in Nature
Day Care
Husky Handshake

Dog Training

Unlock your dog's full potential with expert training services in Waco. Whether you're looking to instill basic obedience, address behavioral issues, or embark on advanced training, local trainers utilize effective techniques tailored to your pet's unique needs.


Dog Boarding

Whether you're out of town for the weekend or on an extended vacation, Waco's trusted dog boarding facilities offer a home away from home for your furry friend. With dedicated caregivers, spacious accommodations, and regular play sessions, these facilities ensure that your pet remains comfortable, safe, and loved during your absence.

Image by Victor Otero
Going for a Walk

Dog Walking

A well-exercised dog is a happy and healthy one. Waco's dog walking services cater to busy pet owners, ensuring their canines get the essential physical activity and mental stimulation they need. From daily walks to customized exercise routines, local dog walkers are trained to handle various breeds, ensuring safety and fun during every outing.

Emergency Pet Care

In times of need, Waco's emergency veterinary services stand ready to assist. From sudden illnesses to accidents, these dedicated professionals provide urgent care, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your precious pet. Knowing where to go and what to do can make all the difference in an emergency.

Veterinarian with Dog

Building a Pet Community in Waco

Waco is more than just a Texan city; it's a vibrant hub where pets, especially dogs, and their owners intertwine in a dynamic community setting. Dive into the myriad of pet care activities, from dog-washing events to doggy day care meet-ups. Discover how Waco's residents are promoting optimal pet health, ensuring regular dog grooming, and participating in social activities tailored for our furry friends. As a highlight, learn how local establishments, especially Paw Community, are championing these efforts, fostering dog wellness, and offering top-notch dog washing and dog daycare services. Join us in celebrating Waco's thriving pet scene and find out how you can be an active part of this burgeoning pet-loving community.

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